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Corrugated Solutions: The Perfect Packaging For Your Products

How To Create A Custom Corrugated Box

Need custom corrugated boxes for your products? KnoxBox specializes in creating the perfect Packaging for your Products. To get started, give us a call and one of our box specialists will walk you through all the options.

Step 1:

Determine what goes in the box

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Every custom corrugated box order starts with what is going in your box. How many items will go in each box? Important information such as weight, dimensions, units per box etc. will help KnoxBox design the perfect packaging for your product. Will you need larger containers to ship many smaller ones?  If you are not sure how to evaluate your product’s shipping needs, just give us a call and we can help you through it.

Step 2:

Select Box Size and Thickness

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Picking the right size and thickness is critical to how well your custom corrugated boxes will hold up to the stresses of shipping. Corrugated fiber board is made by gluing a flat sheet of paper to a corrugated (wavy) sheet of paper. In other words, all corrugated fiber board will have this texture when viewed from the side. There are several sizes and styles that corrugated fiber board comes in.   Here’s a quick look at a few of them:
Single Wall Board

Single Face

Doesn’t have the durability that other types of corrugated packaging materials have, but is economical to produce and can provide an extra layer of protection to already packaged products.

Single Face Board

Single Wall

The most common type of corrugated board. Used for most standard products and shipping needs.

Double Wall Board

Double Wall

Much more rigid and resistant to being damaged when stacked.  Used for heavier products or applications where heavy stacking loads may exist.

Triple Wall Board

Triple Wall

Strong enough to be a substitute for wooden crates.

Box Size and Weight

Use the chart to determine the thickness based on the maximum weight of the items you need to pack. KnoxBox Product Specialists are available if you need any help determining what size box you’ll need.

Mullen measures puncture resistance.
ECT measures crush (stacking) resistance.

Weight of
Box and
Contents (lbs)
 Mullen  ECT Maximum
(2L + 2W + H)
Single Wall
20 125 23 40
35 150 26 50
50 175 29 60
65 200 32 75
80 250 40 85
95 275 44 95
120 350 55 105
Double Wall
80 200 42 85
100 275 48 95
120 350 51 105
140 400 61 110
160 500 71 115
180 600 82 120
Triple Wall
240 700 67 110
260 900 80 115
280 1100 90 120
300 1300 112 125

Step 3:

Select Box Style

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Regular Slotted Containers - Custom Boxes

Regular Slotted Containers

This is the most common box style. All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. This is a highly efficient design for many applications, with little manufacturing waste. Ideal for: shipping small individual items such as cups and mugs, books.

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays are to hold product securely or a lid to cover an open box. Ideal for: food and beverage industry products such as bottled water, soft drinks, snack foods, and bulk packaged processed foods.

Half Slotted Containers | Custom Boxes

Half Slotted Containers

Half slotted containers are similar to regular slotted containers except that they have only one set of flaps. Oriented upright, this box has an open top and can be used that way or with a separate lid. Turned upside down, it can be used as a cover or a lid. Ideal for: large and heavy objects such as refrigerators and washing machines.

Die Cut Custom Boxes from Knoxville Box

Die Cut Custom

These are custom corrugated boxes developed to exact specifications depending on customer requirements. Die cut boxes can be folded or glued to provide a custom fit around your item. Ideal for unique products.

Full Over Lap

Full Over Lap

This style is a great choice when the need to endure rough handling is key. All flaps are the same depth, and their depth equals the width of the box. Ideal for: heavy objects that require extra support such as refrigerators and washing machines.

Roll End Tuck Top

Roll End Tuck Top

These are simple unglued boxes that need to be folded when assembled. These are great for shipping narrow items. Ideal for: vitamin packaging, retail packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging.


This open-ended style, with no top or bottom flaps, permits the packaging to completely surround the contents, or provide a sturdy inner structure for wound or rolled products.


Custom Boxes - Inserts to cushion, separate and suspend.

Whether your packaging needs require partitions, foam padding, or any other type of insert, KnoxBox can design and provide the perfect solution.

Step 4: Printing

Packaging is a great way to market your company and build brand recognition.  Don’t just send a boring old brown box.  Engage your customers with custom box printing.

We can print anything on your custom corrugated box.

Talk to a KnoxBox Product Specialist.


Custom box printing - add names, logos or graphics
Custom Printing - add patterns or color

Step 5:

Select quantity and arrange shipment logistics

You are now ready to order your custom corrugated box!


A KnoxBox Product Specialist will help you determine the most economical quantities needed to meet your requirements.  We will also help you with determining inventory levels and arranging the most efficient shipping/delivery schedule through our own fleet of KnoxBox trucks.  We can also help you with warehousing, inventory management, packing and shipping directly to your customers if needed (see our services page).